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Allow The Pride March! Everyone Has a Right to Be Happy! Voting is an Act of Resistance Everyone Has a Right to Be Happy! Fight For Freedom! Everyone Has a Right to Be Happy!
Welcome To Annual Performers Festival Rexville

Let's Stand Together for LGBTQ Rights

Rexville has no pride, no gay bars, no anything for the LGBT community. This march means a lot to us and to have it taken away is just ridiculous!

Love has no gender! Love is unconditional and for 1500+ people to make us and our community feel unwelcome and unwanted is heartbreaking! It’s the 21st-century, equality for everyone!!!

People should be allowed to celebrate who they are and battle against the obvious oppression there is. People need to learn about different cultures and backgrounds! Support the right of all people to do what they feel is right for them and not be punished for it!

Everyone has to be able to be who they are. We are all free and if we want a parade no one should stop us.

Take Action Now

Sign the petition to help us stage a Pride Parade in Rexville. We appreciate your time and voice feel proud of everyone who stays concerned about our rights.

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Pride Community in Rexville

Why Is It Important?

We should be allowed to be who we really are. We must stop the obvious oppression to reach a common understanding. People need to tolerate different cultures and backgrounds!

Paul Bridges

Chrisitina's Friend

Love has neither color nor orientation. I strongly believe that everyone has the right to love and be loved.

Lola Henry

Christina's Sister

Love can’t be banned! That’s why people are free to do what they feel is right for them and not be punished or criticized for it! My children are both gay and I feel proud of them not hiding their feelings!

Jenna Henry

Chrisitna's Mom

Christina’s story is highly inspiring. I think we all should be accepted to love who we want to love.

Mike Green

Chrisina's Workmate


6 days ago

Randy Morales

Busy week ahead ... catch me at Nathan's Bar hosting tonight tho 😈 ... See MoreSee Less

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7 days ago

Randy Morales

Whenever I have to pick up something on the floor at Nathan's Bar ... See MoreSee Less

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1 week ago

Lee Mass

Hi All,

I hope someone can assist. I lost my phone yesterday (Monday night June 7) which I suspect I left in the bathroom/toilets or on the couch. Huawei p40 in a black cover.

It's still ringing where it is which gives me hope. Tatiana was assisting us.

Please let me know if someone handed it in. I would greatly appreciate it.

Ms Mahali
Mayfair Hotel room 522
Coconut grove
+1 786-458-7390
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2 weeks ago

Miami Beach Pride

Are you ready to get out and have a little fun? Tired of being cooped up? Ready to release that pent up COVID energy?!

Well it's time to join us on June 16th for the MIAMI BEACH PRIDE BAR CRAWL 2021!! With all of your favorite LGBTQ+ Miami Beach hangouts Hôtel Gaythering, AxelBeach Miami · South Beach, Nathan's Bar, Palace Bar, and Twist!

Help support your fav bars and Pride at the same time!
Get your tickets at!
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Upcoming Events

09 August 21

LGBTQ History Month Parade

If you want to know more about the history of our community this event is highly recommended.
06 August 21

Pride Bar Night Meeting

A great opportunity to spent your night in a loud and friendly company. Bring a friend!
07 August 21

LGBTQ Veterans Day Parade

We want LGBT veterans to feel accepted in society. Come to support the parade.
09 August 21

Garden PrideFest Party

Garden PrideFest Party is a great LGBT event to take part in. Are you with us?